Project Planning and Execution

The objective of this section is to enable new users of ResourceFirst to quickly learn the project management basics of the system so that they can begin to work with its features and functions.

Using the contents in this section, you will be able to add/edit/delete/deactivate projects; enter and modify project data fields; add/edit/delete skill or resource assignments for projects; understand the rolled up project demand sheet; save project baselines; and create/modify a basic schedule for a project.

Topic hierarchy

Project Intake and Initiation

This article explains the intake process in ResourceFirst, including how to request a project initiation, how to review initiation requests, and how to approve them.

Adding and Editing Projects

This article shows how to add a new project into the system, how to delete a project, and how to edit project attributes.

Deleting Projects

This article shows how to delete a project.

Copying Projects

This article shows how to copy an existing project to create a new project or to overwrite another existing project.

Project (Portfolio) Demand

This article explores the Project (Portfolio) Demand page in the Projects area in ResourceFirst, including viewing project demand, performing what-if analysis to determine if shifting projects forward or backward would ease demand conflicts, and more.

Labor Assignments

This article refers to the Assignments feature, which appears under the Projects menu and Resources menu. It offers a link to the labor assignments articles in the Resource Planning and Execution section.

Project Events

This article show how to access the project Events page, which shows all events (including risks and issues) by project for the current portfolio.

Project Baselines

This article explains how project baselines work in ResourceFirst, what happens when a baseline is captured, and what rights are required to save baselines, along with step by step instructions for capturing baselines.

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