ResourceFirst Overview

The objective of this section is to share a high level introduction to the ResourceFirstâ„¢ Portfolio Management implementation model and to show you how to login; to access the main role-based functions in the interface; to page through, sort and filter data; and to export information to Excel.

Topic hierarchy

ResourceFirst Introduction

Introduction to the ResourceFirst product and PDWare's resource-centric philosophy.

Export and Import Data

This article explains how to import and export data using ResourceFirst.

ResourceFirst Navigation

Basic navigation overview, including login, understanding menus and icons, setting filters, and more.

Assign Rights - For Managers

This article explains how managers can assign rights to their employees without having full administrator privileges.

Data Entry in ResourceFirst

This article shows how to enter data in ResourceFirst views and forms, along with options for using copy-paste and drag-fill.

Personal Profile Options

This article explore personal profile options such as resetting your password, temporarily delegating your rights to someone else, seeing and deleting your custom views, and more.

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