The objective of this section is to educate ResourceFirst Administrators in the configuration and maintenance of the ResourceFirst system, including server settings, user setup, columns, lists, views, forms, and more. For information on viewing or updating PDWare Software License Keys and Codes in Portfolio Desktop, click HERE.

Topic hierarchy

How to Access the Administration Center

This article shows how to access the ResourceFirst Administration Center.

Server Settings and General Defaults

This article explores the Server Settings menu, which includes general system defaults, timesheet settings, color thresholds, report settings, and more.

Administering the OBS

This article shows how to create, edit, and maintain the Resource, Project, and Cost Center OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure) nodes.

Administering Lists

Lists are preconfigured dropdown fields which can be customized in ResourceFirst. This article shows you how.

Administering Column Headings

This article shows how to edit Column Headings (field definitions) and update User Defined Fields in the ResourceFirst Administration Center.

Administering Views

This article shows how to add and maintain Views in the Administration area. Views appear as spreadsheet-type grids in ResourceFirst.

Administering Forms

This article shows how to create and maintain Project Forms via the Administration Center. The forms can include basic project information, as well as data related to status, schedule and budget.

Setting up Scoring and Ranking Criteria

This article explains how to define scoring and ranking criteria in the Administration Center. This criteria is used when ranking projects against others in the portfolio.

Administering Default Node Views

This article shows how to set alternate default node views.

Administering Rights and Privileges

This article shows how to define, edit, and duplicate user rights in ResourceFirst.

Exporting and Importing the Database (Old Functionality)

This article explains how to export the ResourceFirst database as a .PDWX file for import to other databases.

Administering Rates

This article show how to edit the Rates Matrix in ResourceFirst.

Managing Currencies

This article shows how to define multiple currencies and set the default currency.

Administering Date Periods

This article explains how to set up date periods in administration.

Using the Pulse Engine

This article shows how to use the Pulse Engine, a powerful SQL-driven business rules and notification engine.

Using Partitions

This article shows how to use Partitions to segment and share content with groups of users in ResourceFirst.

About ResourceFirst

This article explains how to identify the current installed version of ResourceFirst and how to check current license information.


This article explains how to set up interfaces to enable integration of ResourceFirst with other systems.

Log Files

This article explains how to find, view and export log files in ResourceFirst.

PDWare License Keys and Codes - ResourceFirst

This article shows how to view and update the PDWare License Key and Codes in the Portfolio Desktop application.

ResourceFirst API: Method for Acquiring Token from SAML Authentication

In this document we use the software program curl to initiate a SAML session and end with a ResourceFirst API access_token. Similar tools such as PostMan can substitute for curl.

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