PMO / Portfolio Management

This section contains articles and how-to content for the ResourceFirst PMO Center, including strategic planning, portfolio management, scenarios, and more. Also included are articles on best practices for successful PMO implementation and operation.

Topic hierarchy

PMO Area Overview

This article serves as an introduction to the PMO/Portfolio Management area of ResourceFirst.

PMO Scorecard

This article shows the PMO Scorecard, which is the main screen in the Resource First PMO Center.

Strategic Alignment and Execution

This article shows how to create strategies in the strategic hierarchy, align projects to them, and view the Strategy Execution dashboard for seeing how well projects are performing for each strategy.

Ranking, Scoring, and Scenario Modeling

This article shows how to view and alter project ranking and scoring for a portfolio, as well as generate and apply scenarios based on weighting of scoring criteria.

PMO Demand Analysis

This article shows the Demand Analysis feature in the PMO Center, which shows a quick view of portfolio feasibility. The What If (Priority) feature is also explored.

Project Roadmap

This article shows how to access the PMO Center's Portfolio Roadmap, a pictorial overview of the project timelines, phases, and milestones in your portfolio.

Project Swimlanes

This article explains how to use the Project Swimlanes feature in the PMO area.

Roll-up Reports

This article explains how to use the PMO and Financial Rollup Reports, where you can roll up forecast and financial data by your choice of nested hierarchy fields.

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