Prerequisites for All Users

This article highlights the fundamentals of ResourceFirst and contains a directory of prerequisite topics to learn about for all users. 

All Users

Once you’ve viewed the Introduction to ResourceFirst video, you are now ready to explore more content.

More videos will be coming soon for each of these topics. For now, here’s a directory of where to begin learning how to use the product.

Basic Navigation

To start with, the article Resource First Navigation will show you how to log in, change your password, and get around in the tool.

Understanding OBS Nodes

Next, it’s important to understand OBS Nodes.

In ResourceFirst, all projects are created within a defined Project OBS (or Organizational Breakdown Structure). Resources are created within a defined Resource OBS.

Often, the Resource OBS is organized by Enterprise–>Division–>Department, etc.. During initial configuration, your administrator, with guidance from PDWare, will set up the OBS.  The Project OBS may be by delivery organization, product line, or some other project grouping.

The OBS is used for granting rights, for reporting, and for setting the data filters for your session (i.e., which data you would like to see, within your assigned rights).

Read the article Setting Global Filters and Date Parameters for more on how to set your session filters. Once you set it, you shouldn’t have to do it again unless you want to change the data set or date ranges you’re looking at.

Managing and Editing Views

The spreadsheet-like grid pages in ResourceFirst are called Views. The article Managing and Editing Views will show you how to set up and administer your views, and even create your own personal views.

Entering Data in Cells·

Once you’ve figured out how to set the data filters for your session and created views with which to look at the data, now it’s time to learn how to enter data into ResourceFirst.

Don’t worry. It’s not all that complicated — You simply enter data into cells, like any other software product. However, there are a lot of shortcuts available and some features to be aware of. The article Data Entry in ResourceFirst shows how to enter data in ResourceFirst views and forms, along with options for using copy-paste and drag-fill.

Personal Profile Options

In ResourceFirst, you can upload a profile photo, change your password, see or delete any personal views you created, and even delegate your rights to someone else while you’re on vacation. The article Personal Profile Options shows you how.

Understanding How Resource Allocation Works in ResourceFirst

The central drive train behind ResourceFirst is its unique and flexible Allocation Algorithm.

First, it is important to understand the concept of “allocation” in ResourceFirst.

When a resource is assigned to a project, the amount that the resource is actually available to fulfill is considered “Allocated” and the amount that cannot be worked on due to unavailability is considered “shortfall.” The level of shortfall on the assignment is indicated by the colors in the data cells (red indicates severe shortfall, orange is moderate shortfall, and yellow is mild shortfall).  Allocation and Shortfall are calculated analytics and are not part of the system data.

In ResourceFirst, several areas show these shortfall colors.

The Project Demand Summary (Projects–>Demand) shows all the projects in your data set and their level of unsatisfied demand by time period (meaning that either shortfall exists or skill assignments have yet to be filled with named resources). Colors indicate the degree of unsatisfied demand for that project and time period.

The Assignments pages and Rollup Pages also show the colors indicating the degree of shortfall (i.e., the portion of the assignment that cannot be satisfied).

In this way, ResourceFirst makes it easy to find and address trouble spots.

Where to go Next

Depending on your role, you can explore the other appropriate articles in this section (Coming Soon!), including:

Getting Started for Resource Managers

Getting Started for Project Managers

Getting Started for Portfolio/PMO Managers

Getting Started for Team Members

Getting Started for Core Team and Administrators

Advanced Portfolio Management Topics

Advanced Administration Topics

Also, don’t forget to peruse the Glossary to understand the terminology used in resource planning and in ResourceFirst.

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