Seamless alignment of all stakeholders.

Each stakeholder needs information specific to their role and KPIs, and the power of ResourceFirst is delivering the real-time data and insights each user needs, while aligning them to the priorities of the business.


Instantly see resource conflicts, monitor project progress and manage business priorities.

Competing priorities and limited resources ensure a constant juggling act to meet timelines and budgets, while also meeting organizational goals.

Questions PMO Managers are asking

How can I
show executives
the business
impact of their

Questions PMO Managers are asking

How do I
show the impact
on our resources
of changing

How can I
get the data the
business needs to
help make better

Solution for PMO Managers

ResourceFirst delivers...


Manage resources for current and future projects and initiatives.

Managing resources for current and future projects is a critical role in every organization and can be the difference between project success and failure.

Allocating the right resources at the right time, and ensuring scope of work is accurate, help meet organization goals and can be a factor in winning new projects when clients need proof of capacity to deliver new work on time.

Questions Resource Managers are asking

Do we have the
staff to complete
various projects
and tasks?

Questions Resource Managers are asking

if a project

What if our
assumptions about
scope of work are
wrong and we
need to adjust up
or down?

Solution for Resource Managers

ResourceFirst delivers...


Track current and future resource usage and project costs

Having overall responsibility for the financial outcomes of the organization, Finance Managers need to track the total cost, along with the total cost of ownership of projects.

At the same time, they must make sure there is sufficient cash flow to complete budgeted projects and work.

Questions Finance Managers are asking

Questions Finance Managers are asking

Do we have
enough budget
to complete the
current project

How do we get
involved earlier
to help with failing

How do we
create an accurate
forecast of project

Solution for Finance Managers

ResourceFirst delivers...


Real-time project status for business priorities and new revenue opportunities.

Executive Teams set the strategic direction of the organization by determining work and project priorities.

These evolve over time to reflect customer demands and changing market conditions, helping to grow the business and create a competitive advantage.

Questions Executive Teams are asking

Questions Executive Teams are asking

How can I see
accurate project
progress and
work status?

What will
happen if
we change
our project

Do we have
the ability to take
on an important
new project?

Do I need to
get involved in
any projects that
may be in danger
of failing?

Solution for Executive Teams

ResourceFirst delivers...

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