PDWare® ResourceFirst™ leverages its strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure to deliver cloud services with unparalleled availability and performance. As a Certified Microsoft® Partner, PDWare offers these services through the Microsoft® Azure Marketplace. This partnership is underpinned by the optimized use of Microsoft® SQL Server as the backbone of the ResourceFirst™ resource management software.

Resource Management: Microsoft Azure Partner Advantage

Flexible & Adaptable Browser Client

ResourceFirst™ Browser Client offers a dynamic workspace tailored to your needs. It operates on a lean architecture hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring streamlined operations. It supports popular browsers like Microsoft Edge™, Chrome™, and Safari™, and handles larger workloads efficiently. All interactions are secured with HTTPS, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft® Active Directory and various Single Sign-On technologies.

Each client gets a dedicated domain and database, enabling meaningful collaboration. Highly configurable, ResourceFirst™ adapts to specific business requirements and accommodates various models within an organization. This flexibility, combined with its robust architecture, ensures ResourceFirst™ evolves with your organization’s needs.

Flexible Browser Client Visual

Enhanced Security and Firewall Protection

The Microsoft® Azure™ SQL Server™ Database service employs a robust server-level firewall setting, facilitating direct and secure communication from the ResourceFirst™ Web Client. Only authorized IP addresses and ranges have access to the database for increased security.

Secure Communications and Certificate Validation

All communications between the ResourceFirst™ Web client and Microsoft Azure SQL Database are encrypted using SSL, establishing a high level of data security. The system verifies the authentication certificate during connection to prevent potential “man in the middle” attacks.

Robust Authentication Measures

Microsoft Azure SQL Server Database exclusively supports SQL Server Authentication. This ensures that users provide login credentials (username and password) directly or through Active Directory or SSO for secure connections and information retrieval/update.

Vigilant Monitoring and Audit Trails

All resources hosted on Microsoft Azure undergo continuous monitoring. Azure’s monitoring system provides three levels of event notifications: regular, warning, and critical. Regular events are logged in our Azure backend, Warning events will send an email notification to PDWare support staff to analyze, Critical events will call PDWare support, management and send emails. Audit trails and logs are meticulously maintained for systems and applications with access to customer data for active clients, aligning with PDWare’s commitment to security and compliance.

Resilient Database Backup

ResourceFirst™ relies on the robust Microsoft® Azure™ SQL Server™ database for its hosted architecture. This system automatically generates backups at a regular cadence: full backups every week, differential backups daily, and transaction log backups every few minutes. These backups are duplicated across regions, providing uninterrupted access and high availability to data even in the face of a potential disaster.

Uninterrupted Service with High Availability

Within each Microsoft® Azure region, a network of datacenters is interconnected through a dedicated low-latency network. This design assures optimal performance and fortified security. In the unlikely event of a regional failure, the backup swiftly comes online in a replicated Virtual Machine (VM) situated in another Azure region, ensuring an undisturbed continuation of services.

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Why Choose PDWare as Your Microsoft Azure Solution?

In choosing PDWare® as your Microsoft Azure solution, you’re not just getting cutting-edge technology; you’re gaining a powerful ally in resource management. The partnership between PDWare and Microsoft® Azure™ delivers unparalleled availability, performance, and security through ResourceFirst™. With a dynamic browser client, robust authentication measures, and resilient database backups, your organization is poised for success. Learn more about PDWare here or contact us for a demo!

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