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Peter Heinrich

Peter is a pioneer in resource planning, with a long history in technology product development and management.

With Xerox, he managed the group that developed the original Star Workstation functional specification. The bustling research environment at Xerox spawned talent that eventually launched technology giants such as Apple, Adobe, and others.

In 1989, he co-founded the project portfolio management training/consulting firm Integrated Project Systems, where he created a cutting edge portfolio management practice that serviced the Fortune 1000. Based on his observations of common faulty practices and insights about the critical impact of resource planning on project delivery, Peter designed the portfolio resource planning and management process that is instantiated in PDWare’s products.

Peter has a BA in philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles.


Paul Samarel

Paul’s expansive career in project and portfolio management began at ABT Corporation (predecessors of CA Clarity), where he leveraged his knowledge to bridge the communication gap between business resources and developers.

In 1998 he founded AGE Software Inc. providing technology business solutions for project management systems, including add-on applications, systems integrations, data warehouses, and countless reports.

As a co-founder of PDWare, Paul combines his expertise in project and portfolio management systems, practices, and technology with his experience in solving real business issues.

Paul received a BA in applied mathematics and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.


Phil Wolf

Phil is a product and sales veteran of the application software market, having spent over 30 years helping clients address project, portfolio, and resource planning needs.

At ABT Corporation, Phil managed a successful multi-year initiative that transitioned ABT’s Project Management tools from the desktop to a scaling client-server architecture.

With his long track record of driving critical programs and exceeding target objectives at organizations such as ABT, Portal Software, and Princeton Softech, Phil brings firepower to PDWare’s innovative management team.

Phil has a BA in organizational psychology from the University of Michigan and a Master’s in business administration from Boston University.


Baruch Gabo

Baruch has spent his entire career with PDWare, having graduated from Columbia University with a double major in computer science and mathematics.

Baruch is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has taught Microsoft.Net Framework certification classes at DCIC Business Institute. While at Columbia University, he worked on connected battlefield command systems, augmented reality, 3D user interfaces, and encryption algorithms employing knot theory.

In addition to leading the development of PDWare’s ResourceFirst, he led the development of PDWare iTeam, PDWare Integration Engine, and interfaces connecting PDWare products to other PPM, HR and financial systems. An avid gamer, he’ll always welcome a Settlers of Catan game, or playing his level 80 night-elf warrior in World of Warcraft.

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