Resource Planning and Management

The objective of this section is to educate resource managers in the basics of using ResourceFirst to manage their resources, including the ability to add/edit/delete/deactivate resources; enter and modify resource data fields including resource skills; add/edit/delete assignments for those resources; and manage resource capacity and utilization within acceptable thresholds.

Topic hierarchy

Resources Area Overview

This overview page serves as an introduction to the Resources area in ResourceFirst.

Adding and Maintaining Resources

This article explains the Resource Data tab in ResourceFirst, and shows how to add, edit and deactivate resources.

Deleting Resources

This article shows how to delete a resource, and recommends making resources inactive instead.

Resource Workspace Overview

This article gives an introduction to the Individual Resource Workspace, which provides information about a particular resource.

Managing Assignment Issues

This series of articles explores how to address assignment issues, such as demand shortfall (overallocation), non-optimal resource utilization, and finding candidates to fill skill needs.

Managing Capacity

This article shows how to view and manage resource capacity in ResourceFirst, using the Capacity tab.

Viewing Resource Utilization

This article outlines how to view and manage resource utilization in ResourceFirst using the Utilization tab.

Skills Analysis

This article shows the Skills Analysis feature, which lets you view utilization and shortfall at a skill level.

Using Resource Requests

This article explains the resource request process from both the project manager and resource manager perspective.

Data Settings - Allocation Options

This article shows how to use the Data Settings to set certain allocation options, such as whether to show colors and which Effort States should be used in calculations.

Entering and Modifying Labor Actuals

This article explains how to switch back and forth between forecasts and actuals for assignments.

Understanding Labor Rates

This article explains how labor rates and posting labor costs works in ResourceFirst.

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