Resource Area Overview

This overview page serves as an introduction to the Resources area in ResourceFirst.

The Resources area in ResourceFirst is where resources can be added, deleted/inactivated, maintained, and assigned to work. Resource utilization and capacity can be viewed, as well as a skill analysis of utilization by skill.

Note: Skills are defined in the Administration area under Lists. See Administering Lists for more details.

To access the Resources area, click the Resources icon (the “people” icon in the upper left tray, in blue below). The “people” icon will then produce a dropdown to select the various options in the Resources area. See screenshot below:


The recommended articles in the Resource Management section of this site explore the features in more detail. Below is an explanation of each function:

  • Resource Data – Shows the list of resources in your current data load and their attributes. You can add and delete resources from here as well.
  • Capacity – Shows the capacity by time period for all resources in your current data load
  • Utilization – Shows the utilization by time period for all resources in your current data load
  • Assignments – Shows all current labor assignments by time period for resources and projects in your current data load. You can add, delete, and copy resource and/or skill assignments from here as well.
  • Requests – Allows managers to view, approve, or reject resource assignment requests for their resources.
  • Teams – Enables the creation and staffing of teams, and the assignment of teams to projects.
  • Skill Analysis – Shows demand and utilization information for skills in the organization, within the current data load
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