Project Ranking and Scoring

This article shows how to enter project scores using the Project Workspace Ranking page, based on scoring criteria set up in Administration. The scores can then be viewed in the Analysis (PMO) area.


Projects in ResourceFirst can be scored based on a selection of attributes (which are defined in Administration). For example, based on answers to question about strategic fit, ROI, risk, and whatever other scoring criteria is defined, the system will calculate a composite score, which can then be used to rank the projects in the portfolio. To learn how to set up your scoring criteria (which is an Administrator function), see Setting up Scoring and Ranking Criteria. To learn how to view project scores and rank the portfolio (which is a PMO or Portfolio Manager function), see Ranking, Scoring, and Scenario Modeling. The remainder of this article details how to enter the scores using the Ranking page in the Project Workspace.

Entering Scoring Criteria

To enter scoring criteria, go to the project workspace of any individual project (by clicking on a project hyperlink). Then click the Ranking tab. You will be presented with a page where you can add scoring criteria. To add criteria relevant to your project, click the “+” sign in the upper left. You will be presented with a dialog to select and add the criteria you wish (these criteria are defined in Administration). Selecting the top box next to “Rank Field” will select all criteria. Press add to add the criteria. Projects_Ranking_Selection.JPG Upon pressing the Add button, you’ll be presented with your scoring criteria.  Clicking on the Value dropdown on any row will present the options for that scoring item (as configured in Administration).  Internally, the system will use the scoring points associated with each option during setup in Administration. Projects_Ranking_Entry.JPG Once you enter all your scores, be sure to click the SAVE button in the far right. The scores can then be viewed on the Ranking page in the Analysis (PMO) area.
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