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Using Picklists


Picklists enable a manager to define the list of projects that will appear in the project dropdown when defined users are creating new Labor Assignments. This avoids the users having to navigate the full project OBS when creating assignments.

About Picklists

In ResourceFirst, a manager can create a project picklist for individual users or for an entire resource OBS node. The result is that when users with picklist rights to projects (whether individually or via nodes) create labor assignments, their project dropdown selection in the Add Assignment dialog will only show projects in their picklists. This eliminates the user having to navigate the node structure to select their projects.

Setting Up Picklists

Picklists are set up by authorizing users or groups of users to either PL1 rights (picklist rights to individual projects) or PL2 rights (picklist rights to entire project nodes).

To do this, the manager setting up the picklist rights will either need Administrator rights or they’ll need to be set up with R3 (Resource Administrator) rights, which will give them an Assign Rights option in their User Profile menu, provided the “Allow Managers to Assign Rights to Their Users” checkbox is checked in Administration > Server Settings.

How To

For instructions on setting up picklist rights, see Administering Rights and Privileges and review the PL1 and PL2 rights.

For information on managers assigning rights to their users, see Assign Rights – For Managers.

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