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Assign Rights – For Managers

This article explains how managers can assign rights to their employees without having full administrator privileges.


In ResourceFirst, designated managers can assign rights to their employees.

How To

For managers to be able to assign rights to users, two things have to be set up:

  • In Administration > Server Settings, “Allow Managers to Assign Rights to their Users” must be checked.
  • The manager must be set up with R3 rights. See Administering Rights and Privileges for more detail.

[Note: A manager can only grant rights to the level that he or she has, and to users that are in nodes that he or she is authorized to.]

Instructions for Managers

Step 1: Click on the dropdown on your user profile. Select the Assign Rights option. You will be taken to the Rights administration page.

Step 2: On the Rights page, grant user rights accordingly. For instructions on how to use this page, see Administering Rights and Privileges.


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