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Managing Views and Columns on the Assignments Page

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This article explains how to manage views and columns on the Assignments page.

Showing/Hiding Columns via the Columns Drop Down

Select the drop-down arrow in the title cell on any column.

Select Columns in the menu list

All fields in the current view are listed; check or uncheck fields as needed.


Selecting and Editing Views on Assignment Pages

Selectable views on the assignment page (and other grid type pages) define which columns (fields) are visible and which are hidden.

There is a unique set of defined fields (called native fields in this documentation) associated with each of the ResourceFirst primary objects: Projects, Resources, and Assignments. The views for each object provide access to the native fields for the object.

Assignment views also provide access to project and resource fields. These mapped fields are not editable when they are visible on assignment pages.

Pre-defined Views

View specifications are created by administrators for the Projects>Data, Resources>Data, and Assignments pages. Each view has a name and is selectable in the view selection drop down at the upper right of the page.

As an example, the first screen shot below displays the Forecast Super Simple view. The second displays the Forecast UDF view.

The Forecast Super Simple view contains only the Project Name, Unit Priority, and Resource fields at the left.


The Forecast UDF view contains many more fields at the left.


User Defined Views

You can create your own personalized named views using the Edit Views dialog. Click the Edit Views icon at the upper right of the page to open the dialog.


See the article Managing and Editing Views for more detail.

For other column controls, such as “Filter Drop downs by Availability,” see Editing Assignments.

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