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Editing Assignments

This article shows how to edit assignments in ResourceFirst, including editing forecast values and attributes, and filtering drop downs by availability.


Once assignments are created, there are a variety of things you may want to do to the assignment.

For a skill assignment, you may want to find Candidates to execute the assignment (see Candidates to Replace Demand article).

For a resource assignment, you may use Candidates feature to replace the existing assigned resource, or you may choose to Convert to Skill instead to convert the demand back to the skill assignment so a new resource can be chosen (see Convert Demand to Skill article).

You may instead want to change the demand for assignment intervals, or change selected attributes of the assignment. The following sections show how to make these assignment edits.

Filter Drop Downs by Availability

Some attributes are based on drop down lists. If you wish only the drop-down items that contain available records in the node to appear, you can select Filter Drop Downs by Availability under the Allocation options button. In other words, this means that dropdown fields will only include list items contained by resources in the current data load. Otherwise, all list items defined in the system for that field will appear in drop down selections.


For example, if you have a Country field on a skill assignment, when you click the drop down for country, you generally only want to see the countries where resources with that skill in the node exist. For this reason, we recommend always having “Filter Drop Downs by Availability” checked.

Editing Interval Demand Values

To enter/modify a value for an assignment for a given interval, click on the cell desired, change it to the desired value and hit Enter. Note that you can also click the lower right corner of a cell and drag that value to multiple cells. Be sure to press enter before dragging so that the source cell isn’t in edit mode.


The changes you make will be highlighted with red triangles on the cells. You can modify many cells or rows…but don’t forget to save.

Editing Assignment Attributes

An assignment view can include native Assignment attributes (e.g., Assignment Org, Required Skill, Forecast State, etc.), and also mapped attributes from the Project and Resource areas. Examples of mapped attributes include the project Manager and Unit Priority, Resource Type, etc.

Native Assignment attributes can be edited in the Assignment view. Most commonly edited native Assignment attributes are the needed Assignment Org (for skill needs) and the Required Skill. To enter/modify a value for these fields, click on the cell desired, choose the desired value from the dropdown and hit Enter.


The changes you make will be highlighted with red triangles on the cells. You can modify many cells or rows…but don’t forget to save.

Mapped attributes from Project and Resource area can only be edited in those areas, not in the Assignment view.

Note: To change the Resource for an assignment, use the Candidates to Replace Demand feature. It is not possible to change the Project for an assignment.

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