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Data Settings – Allocation Options

This article shows how to use the Data Settings to set certain allocation options, such as whether to show colors and which the Effort States should be used in calculations.


On the upper menu tray of ResourceFirst, you will find the Data Settings icon to the right:


Clicking that will produce the following dialog. Options are as follows:

Allocation Options – Show Allocation Colors – This allows you to turn on or off the feature that shows allocation colors on the Assignments page and any page that shows colors for level of shortfall.

Allocation State Filter – This allows you to choose which Effort States, if any, should be excluded in all allocation and demand calculations. This impacts the Assignments page, Demand page, and any page that shows allocation or demand. By default, all Effort States are included in calculations. For more on Effort States, see Administering Lists (in the section on Effort States) and Server Settings and General Defaults (in the section on the Allocation Algorithm).


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