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Adding and Editing Projects

This article shows how to add projects and edit project information.

Add Projects

Select Projects>Project Data as shown in the menu dropdown below:


You will be presented with the Project Data page:



  1. To add a project, click the + sign in the upper left.

You will be presented with the following dialog:


Note: If your administrator has “Show level on Project Add Dialog” checked in Administration > Server Settings, then you will see an extra field at the top, in which you can enter the project’s “parent level”: This is useful if you want to limit the Owner field to only show nodes below a certain level (if you have a deep Project OBS). Example is shown below:


  1. Use the Owner dropdown to select the project OBS node where the project should be created. Then click apply. Example is shown below:
  2. Specify a name for the project in the Project Name field.
  3. Click + Add to add the project (Note: If you wish to add this as a proposed project instead, click Initiate instead of Add. This will add the project to the Initiate page, where the project form can be filled in and the project can be submitted for approval. See Project Intake and Initiation for more details).
  4. Once the project is added to the Project Data page, you can fill in additional fields and click the Save clipboard_e8460f0cf20e0446157c59124f7f642e3.png  button in the upper right.
  5. When you’ve saved your project, if you wish to drill down into the project’s Workspace, you can click on the project name. You’ll see a small arrow to the right of the project. Click on the arrow and you’ll be presented with the Project Workspace, where you can fill out project details, enter the project’s status, add labor and financial assignments, and more.  See an example of the arrow selector on a project called BVSC in the screenshot below:clipboard_e12892597ed987d02343e1fa28fe43413.png

For more on the Project Workspace, see Project Workspace Overview and its related articles.

Edit Project Information

Fields (columns or cells) on the Project Data page can be modified. Click on a cell you wish to edit.  If the field has a defined list of valid values, a drop-down arrow appears in the cell. Click on the arrow to enter a valid value. If the field is not otherwise restricted (e.g., by access rights), simply enter a value.

Note: As mentioned above, you can alternatively click on a project name and resulting arrow, and then update the project’s information in the form on the Project Info page. 

Once you’ve entered or modified a field value, each edited field will have a small red marker on it to indicate that a change has been made.


IMPORTANT: After making all your changes click the Save icon in the upper right of the screen to save to the database.


Lock Data for Projects

You can lock the entry or modification of forecasts or actuals on a given project by using the Lock Actual and/or Lock Forecast fields. For more on the types of data locks available in ResourceFirst, see Data Locking in ResourceFirst.


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