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Data Locking in ResourceFirst

This article describes how users and administrators can lock project, resource, and assignment records and periods to prevent data entry.

Locks Set by an Administrator


There are two checkboxes that can be set for periods:

Locked – Financial and Labor forecasts and actuals locked on assignment pages

Active – Time tracking is disabled in inactive periods in Timesheets
(but not for direct entry of actuals on the Labor Assignments page)


OBS Nodes

There are two checkboxes that can be set for each OBS node:

Locked – Prevents modifying, deleting, and adding objects in the node (such as projects, resources, or assignments)

Active – If unchecked, the node and all related records are in the database but are not visible/loaded in ResourceFirst


Note:  Administrators can update resources in locked nodes, preventing the need to unlock the node before changes.
(This also applies to POST/PUT calls from the API when the token is for an administrator.)

Project, Effort, and Scenario States

(Set via Admin–>Lists, and then the appropriate state list item)

Project, Effort, and Scenario states are each set up as Lists in ResourceFirst, and each has two checkboxes that can impact the ability to enter certain data. A project, assignment, or scenario can be locked implicitly by having its state field set to a state that is locked.

(Project) State Effort (Assignment) State Scenario Status (State)
clipboard_e7cdb8f1a977376a5564fbcda0d47bc0b.png clipboard_ec0840a3e76ad527a0f37d7e6277a887c.png clipboard_e16d8213f3c46e80b549d8e02b140f890.png

Project State

Lock Assignments:

Assignments cannot be added or modified on a project with a locked Project State. Assignments CAN be deleted if the user has proper rights.

Lock Time Tracking:

Timesheets cannot be entered on a project with a locked Project State.

Effort State

Assignments cannot be added or modified on a project with a locked Effort State.

Assignments with an Effort State value that is locked CAN be deleted and CAN be copied to another project.

Scenario Status

Project Data Locked:

Projects cannot be added or modified on a scenario with a project data locked Scenario Status.

The scenario owner CAN delete projects from a locked scenario.

Forecast Locked:

Assignments cannot be added or modified on a scenario with a forecast locked Scenario Status.

External Fields

Fields marked “External” are read only. External means the field values are imported by an API and cannot be modified in ResourceFirst.

Locks Set by Users

Some locks can be set directly by users with sufficient rights. If the lock fields are not visible in a view, the user can expose them by modifying or creating a custom view.

Individual Project Locks

Forecasts or actuals on a given project


Individual Assignment Locks

Forecasts or actuals on a given labor or financial assignment (field name configured as “ALocked” in this screenshot).


Locks Set by Managers of OBS Nodes

Managers with Resource Administration (R3) rights to resource OBS nodes can lock them. The result of the lock is identical to when an administrator locks a node in administration.

A user with Project, Resource, or Financial Administrator rights has access to the toolbar Administration icon, but the menu list is different from the list for (system) Administrators.

The user sees the same options for managing OBS nodes as an Administrator, but is limited to the project, resource, or financial node indicated by the right level (P3, R3, F3).

See OBS Nodes above for the behavior of these options.

Effect of Data Locking on Imports

Data locks can also impact the ability to import data:

  • You cannot import updates to a locked assignment.
  • You cannot import new or updated projects, resources, or assignments to a node that is locked.
  • You cannot import assignments for a project that is in a locked project state.
  • You cannot import assignments for a project that has its “Lock Forecast” flag set.
  • You CAN import Scenarios (provided they are not in a locked state) to a node that is locked.
  • You CAN import Scenario assignments (provided they are not in a locked scenario), even if the equivalent non-scenario project or assignment is locked.

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