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Project Workflow


Project Workflow allows for notifications to be sent for certain steps, including document load, activities, milestones, or approvals. The Workflow page enables setup of the workflow steps, and PDWare can help customize the notifications per your specific needs.

How To

Add a Workflow Step

Step 1: Go to the project workspace of any individual project by clicking on a project hyperlink on the Projects > Data page.

Step 2: Click the Workflow tab on the Project Workspace. If you do not see a workflow tab, click the hamburger (3 horizonal lines) icon in the upper right of the project workspace and select the Workflow tab to add to your list of tabs.

Step 3: You will be presented with a Workflow page for your project, similar to the following:

Step 4: Click the Add button (+ sign) to add a new workflow step. You will be presented with the following dialog:

Step 5: Complete the information as follows:

Project State: The state of the project, as defined in the Administration > Lists > Project State table, in which the workflow step (and any associated notifications) should take place.

Name: The name of the workflow step

Type: Available workflow types are: Approval, Activity, Document, or Milestone.  Separate workflows can be custom developed by PDWare for each type (e.g., a document workflow can prompt the notification recipient to upload the appropriate document).

Approver: The person who is either approving the step or taking the action in the step, as defined in the customized workflow (using PDWare’s Pulse Engine).

Step 6: Click the Add button.

Move to Next State

At the top of the Workflow page is a button to move the project to the next state:

This will move the project to the next state in the workflow, and the steps will be executed accordingly.

The general recommendation is to notify the approver on the Move to Next State button, and the project manager on the state change. These notifications must be set up using the Pulse Engine, which PDware can set up for you as needed.

Delete a Workflow Step

Click on a workflow step and then click the Delete button (trash can icon).


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