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Why Am I Not Seeing the Correct Data on the Forecast Tab?

The Forecast tab, whether viewed from the Projects Center or the Resources Center, shows resource assignments by project, along with the time-phased effort forecast.

Below is an example of the Forecast tab.


If you’re not seeing the data you expect, it could be for one of several reasons:

1) The Filters are set incorrectly

There are two levels of Filters. First, the main filter is at the very top of the screen, in the header to the upper right (the “funnel” in the control panel below):


This filter allows you to select the Project and Resource OBS for your session. For more on setting this filter, see ResourceFirst Navigation.

On the Forecast tab, there is another filter, a tab-specific view filter, found just above the column headings to the right (see image below, the icon is in the upper left of the panel):


This filter allows you to filter on a specific resource, on a specific project, or to remove all filters (Show All). When in doubt, clicking Show All should show everything within the OBS selections on the main filter.

When clicking on a project or resource on the main Forecast window, it opens up a project or resource-specific Forecast tab. Selecting Show All on the view filter will then show everything, not just that project or resource.

2) The Date Range is Incorrect

Next to the filter button is a Date Range dropdown, which allows you to select the date range for the forecast. If this range is outside the boundaries of your project, no data may appear. (see image below)

3) Hide Zero Rows is Turned On

Within the Date Range dialog, there is a checkbox to Hide Zero Rows. If this is checked, rows with no forecast will not appear.  (see image below)


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