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Scenario States and Workflow

This article describes how scenario states can be configured to support a scenario workflow process.


A simple workflow can be created for scenarios through the use of a list of configurable scenario statuses (states).

Each status (state) in the Scenario Status list has two optional checkboxes for locking data: Project Data Locked and Forecast Locked.

Project Data Locked – no changes to project fields allowed

Forecast Locked – no changes to labor or financial assignments allowed

The use of scenario statuses is optional. If a scenario has no status value, users can modify scenario objects to which they have sufficient rights.

When a scenario has a particular status value, edit access to all projects and all assignments in the scenario while in that status are controlled by the checkbox setting.

Creating the Scenario Status List

1. Click the administration icon in the upper left application toolbar icon group.

2. Select Lists > Scenario Status.

3. Enter scenario status values and check Project Data Locked and Forecast Locked as appropriate for each value.



Setting Scenario Status

Set the initial scenario state (status) when you create the scenario.


Change the scenario state at appropriate points during the scenario planning period.

1. Click the scenario dialog icon in the upper right application toolbar icon group.

2. Click the Edit Scenario icon at the right of the target scenario row.

3. Select the desired status and click the Update button.



An Example Use Case

One possible configuration of scenario statuses is the following:

Define – No assignment forecasts until all projects in the scenario have completed scope changes

WIP – Forecast are allowed as well as related project changes

Scope Locked – No more changes to scope are allowed in this scenario but forecasting can continue

Submitted – Scenario has been submitted for approval; no changes allowed (can be set back to WIP or Scope Locked if necessary)

Approved – Scenario is approved and pending update to the current Plan of Record (POR) — AKA the live assignment forecast

Posted – Scenario has been posted; it is now part of (or all of) the current POR

Archive – Scenario has been flagged for archiving; archive and delete will occur by date given in the scenario Comment field


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