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Resource Home Page

This article provides an overview of the default Resource Home page for all users set up as resources in ResourceFirst.


Upon signing into Resource First, all users that have a resource associated with them are presented with a Home page, also accessible via the clipboard_eb49e59ef00408b835c6c0a284591cb1a.png icon in the upper left of the main navigation bar.

If you do not see a home icon or a home page, it means you’ve been set up as a user in ResourceFirst (so you can log in), but your user profile has not been associated with a resource. A user can log into the system and be granted authority to data and functions. But only a resource can be assigned to projects and maintain capacity.


In the upper left of the Home page, you’ll see any photos you’ve loaded to your personal profile (see Personal Profile Options), your primary skill, your organization in the OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure), and your User ID.

Below that, you will see tabs for:

Personal Forecast: Your personal forecast of assignments (only active assignments).

Requests to Me: If you are a manager, you will see resource requests assigned to you for approval.

Track Actual: You can enter your timesheets from here

My events: Any events assigned to you to address (e.g., risks, issues, etc.)

In the upper right, you will notice a Date Range filter (for selecting the date range to show on the grid), a Save button (for saving any data you add or change), and an Export button (used for exporting your forecast to a spreadsheet).

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