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User Personal Workspace

This article describes the pages in the User Personal Workspace..


A User of ResourceFirst is registered in the system User table and given access rights by an administrator. This allows the user to log in and see or modify some or all of the data in the database. Users cannot be assigned to projects.

A Resource is registered in the Resource Data table by an authorized user. Resources can have assignments, events, and actual time reports.

Neither has a user workspace automatically.

A user must be linked to a registered resource in order to have a user workspace. The link is the user login name stored in the ResourceKey field (the field name in the column heading is configurable).

In the screenshot below, the field titled RKey is the ResourceKey field.

The User Workspace (house) icon is visible only when a linked user-resource is logged in.

User Workspace Pages

The upper left of the User Workspace has the resource name, the primary skill, the resource OBS node, the user name, and a photo if one is in the user’s personal profile (see Personal Profile Options).

Tabs for workspace pages are below the profile data.

Personal Forecast (Assignments):

All active assignments for the user/resource. The Personal Forecast page is a de-featured version of the Assignment pages available elsewhere. It is used here only to modify period data values (forecast demand) and/or the Comment field.

Requests to Me:

If the user has rights to manage assignments for other resources, resource requests for those resources are displayed for approval or rejection.

Track Actual:

The user/resource enters timesheets on this page.

My events:

Events assigned to the user/resource are here for review and action (e.g., risks, issues, etc.).

Each of these pages is available elsewhere, but not limited to records for a single user.

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