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Ranking and Scoring Analysis

This article shows how to view and alter project ranking and scoring for a portfolio and assess alternate weighting of scoring criteria.


The PMO area in ResourceFirst offers the ability to view project scores according to the defined set of ranking criteria, as well as assess alternative weighting of the criteria.

For information on how ranking criteria is set up, see Setting Up Scoring and Ranking Criteria. For information on how to view ranking and score analysis for projects, see below:

How To


Step 1: Click on the PMO icon on the ResourceFirst application toolbar and select Ranking from the dropdown menu.

Here you can view prioritized projects in the portfolio, along with their ranking scores.

PMO Ranking

Step 2: View the portfolio by priority, which shows the current total score and associated ranking criteria settings. If desired, update any columns to the left as needed, including priority.

[Note: You may click on a project to view the project details as desired, or to update the ranking scores. See Project Ranking and Scoring for more.]

Step 3: Click the Save icon in the upper right to save any changes.

Score Analysis

Step 1: Click on the PMO icon on the ResourceFirst application toolbar and select Score Analysis from the dropdown menu.

Here you can view scores based on scoring criteria and adjust the weighting of the criteria to see how it impacts the scores.

PMO Score Analysis

Step 2: Use the slider bars on the left panel to adjust the weighting of each scoring element. As you adjust the weighting, you’ll see the adjusted score in the New Score column.

Arrows in the first column indicate whether a project moved up or down in the ranking by virtue of the new score.

Step 3: Once you have the scoring order you feel comfortable with, based on your chosen weighting, you can decide which projects, if any, you wish to update the priority for (for instance, if a project has gone up or down significantly in rank based on the new weighting of the scoring criteria).

To update the project priority, go to the PMO area Ranking page (instructions above in the “Ranking” section), update the priority, and click the Save icon.

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