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Project Roadmap

This article shows how to use the Roadmap page in the PMO area.


The Roadmap page displays a row for each project. Three object types can be displayed on each row:

A start to finish bar
Phase bars

This page can be sorted on any field displayed on the page. A ResourceFirst administrator defines the fields displayed on this page in the “Project Phase Schedule” View.

This page cannot be sorted on project Start or Finish unless those columns are displayed. Let your ResourceFirst administrator know if there fields you need on this page.


Adjusting Timeframe and Timescale

The Timeframe icons move the display left and right under the window; they behave the same as left and right horizontal scroll.
The timescale is expanded or contracted by the Zoom in and Zoom out icons.


Example: 3 Clicks on the Zoom out icon.


Example: 2 clicks on the Next timespan (timeframe) icon.


Displaying Optional Objects for Each Project

You can set the objects displayed for each project using the checkboxes at the upper right of the page.



Filtering Optional Objects for Each Project

You can filter the objects displayed for each project using the Filter By Name input box at the upper right of the page. For example, enter the word “design” in the filter if you want to see only the phases and milestones with names that include that term.



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