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Managing Currencies

This article shows how to define multiple currencies and set the default currency.


ResourceFirst allows for managing multiple currencies. Administrators can define currencies to be used for a country, and can designate any of the currencies as the default currency.

The currency is applied to every resource or assignment record that contains the corresponding country, and can be defined with a precision up to 6 decimal points. Currencies can have their unique symbols displayed in the views.

How To

Currently, these currency exchange rates are only loadable via API and cannot be edited directly.

To make a currency the default currency, check the Default check box next to the desired currency.

To make a currency active or inactive, check or uncheck the Active check box accordingly.

To make a currently only available for users in a certain partition, specify the partition name in the Partition field. For more on partitions, see Using Partitions.


Cost/Financial data can be converted from local currency to the default currency.  To enable this, go to Data Options (leftmost icon below) and check the “Cost in Default Currency” option. This allows totals to make sense, since all currencies will be converted to the default currency.


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