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Loading and Showing Scenarios

This article describes how to selectively load and show/hide scenarios.


The Scenario dialog is used to control which scenarios, if any, are loaded at Login and with subsequent Get Data reloads. It also controls what data are displayed AND included in labor supply / demand allocation calculations during a session.

Scenario Dialog

Click the Scenario Dialog icon in the upper right application toolbar.

This article deals with the Load and Show checkboxes at the left of the dialog only. See the article Managing Scenarios for a description of the other features of the dialog.


Load – checked scenarios are loaded at Login and at every data reload until the check is removed.

Show – unchecked scenarios are not visible and their labor demand is ignored in all calculations including labor supply / demand allocation analysis.

Characteristics of Load and Show Checkboxes

When a scenario is created, both Load and Show are checked automatically.

If Load is checked, Show is automatically checked. If Load is not checked, Show cannot be checked

On Current Forecast, the check on Load  cannot be removed, BUT the check on Show CAN be removed. This means you can:

See Current Forecast only

See one or more scenarios only

See any combination of the above.

The checkbox settings are remembered across sessions and across data loads.

The purpose of the Load checkbox is to provide an automatic load of selected scenarios with every data load. The user does not have to do an explicit load from the database of scenarios of interest every session. This is a time saver and a convenience.

An example use case might be:

You are going to be planning in one scenario for the entire week.

To enable focus on the scenario and to avoid possible mistaken assignment changes on the original source project, you check both scenario checkboxes and deselect Show on Current Forecast.

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