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Qlikview Filtering – How do I modify the criteria?

Timescale Filter

How do I easily adjust the timescale and drill down the timescale for any of the graphs/reports?

  • Click on the year, e.g. 2016
  • Click on the quarter, e.g. Q2
  • Click on the month, e.g. May

You can also view/edit the Timescale Filter by using the timescale box below:

Data Filters

How do I easily look at a subset of the data, e.g. Portfolio 3 for any of the graphs/reports?

Click on the white arrow

Select Portfolio 3 from the Resource Node. To remove Portfolio 3 as the filter, select/unclick Portfolio 3.

Click on the white arrow again to close the filter window.

Click on the Clear icon to clear all filters.


How do I search the output and find graphs/reports for projects that Linda is working on?

Type Linda into the Search bar.

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