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Convert Demand to Skill

This article explains how to convert existing Resource assignments to Skill assignments.


There may be several situations where it is appropriate to convert forecast demand for a named resource back to a skill assignment:

  • Total demand in some or all periods exceeds resource capacity
  • The resource is transferring to another organization or leaving the company altogether
  • The resource is needed on some other work and the manager does not yet know who to assign in their place.

There are two convert options: IN THE CURRENT DATA LOAD PERIODS,

Shortfall Only – transfer all demand the resource cannot supply to a new skill assignment

All Demand – transfer all demand in all current periods to a new skill assignment

Important Note re Period Dates in the All Demand Option

The convert commands apply to ALL and ONLY the periods in the current Data Filters period range. This means you must use the period parameters in the Data Filters dialog to target precisely the periods you want to affect. In most cases, demand before the current date or period should NOT be converted or replaced.

For example, if a resource assignment has demand in past AND in future periods and the current data load includes all those periods, you should NOT convert all demand. In this case you would reload data starting with the period where the resource demand is to be moved to a skill assignment

The period range considerations are not as relevant in the Shortfall Only case although the logic is the same. This case just transfers shortfall to the new skill assignment during the current periods. The operation can be repeated in subsequent periods to handle shortfall after the current date range.

How to

Convert All Demand

Step 1: Review date range implications.

Step 2: Select the target assignment row.

Step 3: Click the to Skill button in the upper left and select All Demand.


All Demand Result

Step 4: Click the Save button to save your changes.

Convert Shortfall Only

Step 1: Select the target assignment row.

Step 2: Click the to Skill button in the upper left and select Shortfall Only.


The target assignment is the same as above.

Shortfall Only Result

Step 3: Click the Save button to save your changes.

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