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Administering Default Timesheet Views

This article shows how to set timesheet default views.


When a user opens a timesheet, ResourceFirst displays a default view based on the Resource OBS node of the resource associated with the user.

Timesheet views are created in the Views > Time section of Administration. The views can contain any field available on the Assignments page, i.e. any native assignment, project, or resource field.

A timesheet view can be associated with resource OBS nodes in the Node Views section of Administration.

Note: Blanking out a View for a node will hide the Time Tracking (Actuals) icon for users in that OBS node (unless they are managers). 

A user of ResourceFirst is defined in the administration user table; a resource is defined by a row on the Resource Data page. A user must be linked to a resource in order to have access to timesheets and to have a Home area with Personal Forecasts, Events, and other personal pages.

A user is linked to a resource by entering the user login name in the resource Key field on the Resource Data page.

How To

Create a Timesheet View

Step 1: Select Administration > Views.

Step 2: Select Time.

Step 3: Click the “+” (Add) icon in the Views pane.

A new Timesheet View row appears.
Double-click in it to edit the view name.
Be sure to check the Active checkbox.

Step 4: Click the “+” (Add) icon in the Selected Views pane

In the Available Fields dialog, select the fields to be present on the timesheet.
Click the Add button on the dialog.

Step 5: Set the field attributes.

Lock: the field can’t be modified on the timesheet
Visible: the field is visible on the timesheet
Width: the default width of the field when the timesheet is opened

Step 6: Click the Save icon in the Selected View Fields pane.

Reviewing the Fields in Timesheet Views

Step 1: Select Administration > Views.

Step 2: Select Time and select a view in the Views pane.


An example use case for different timesheet views for different organizations is if some organizations want forecast data on the timesheet and others do not want it.

Set Timesheet View for a Node

This default for the node is set by the Administrator.

Step 1: Select Administration > Node Views.


Step 2: Navigate to the target node.

A scrollable screen appears showing the current default timesheet views for each node.


Step 3: Click the dropdown menu in the View cell of the target node.

Step 4: Click the Save icon at the upper right of the page toolbar.

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