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About ResourceFirst

This article explains how to identify the current installed version of ResourceFirst and how to check current license information.

How to Access Version and License Information

Click Admin->About


Information about the system version and license status is displayed:


Version Information

When interacting with PDWare Support re potential upgrades and system capabilities and issues, it may be useful to provide the version information below:


The four sections of the version number, separated by periods, represent for the release:


License Status

In most cases, PDWare licenses for ResourceFirst are based on the number of active resources being managed. The number of active users may also be relevant. The Resource Limit and the User Limit below show the allowed active Resources and the allowed active users. The current number of active Resources and Users are shown as Active Resource Count and Active User Count. The expiration of the license is also shown.

Note: If your license status is not shown in Administration->About, your system is an earlier release . Contact PDWare Support about upgrading to a more current ResourceFirst version.


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