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Viewing Resource Utilization

This article defines resource utilization in ResourceFirst and describes the features of the Utilization page.


Resource utilization in ResourceFirst is the sum of all explicit resource assignment demand divided by the person’s total capacity in each time period.

For example, if a person is a half-time employee (capacity = .5) and total demand in a period is 1 (FTE), the utilization in that period is 200%.

Utilization does not include skill assignment demand.

Viewing Utilization

The Utilization page is accessed by clicking the Utilization menu in the Resource Area drop down menu.

The read-only Utilization page is activated.

The Legend button in the upper right corner displays an information dialog showing the thresholds for calculating colors and formatting on the page.

The color thresholds are set by the administrator for all users.

  • images_image10.2.png Red indicates over-utilized.
  • images_image12.2.png Dark blue indicates under-utilized.
  • images_image13.2.png No color indicates the sweet spot between under- and over-utilization.
  •  &   A white ampersand indicates no demand and no capacity for that period
  • images_image15.2.png An orange number sign (#) indicates demand is greater than zero but capacity is zero (demand # [not equal] zero).

Also note the other controls at the upper right of the page:

  • Clear filters (the small funnel icon)
  • Recalculate (the calculator icon)
  • Select system or user created views
  • Edit Views to create your own custom view
  • Export the current view

Changing the Displayed Data Type

In the upper left dropdown, you can select among multiple data types to view. The default is % Utilization.

Additional Control Options

There are additional control options available on the upper right tray, pictured below (with the date range dropdown dialog active).

From left to right,

  • The leftmost icon is the Calculate Allocations button, which will reload the page with the latest allocations.
  • The Date Range icon brings up the dialog below, which allows you to select the start date, period type, number of periods, and whether you’d like the data to appear in hours or the default, FTEs. Once you enter your data rage info, click the Reload Data Button.
  • The Export icon allows you to export the utilization to a spreadsheet.
  • The rightmost icon is the Legend, which shows you the various color indicators and their thresholds.

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