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Using Project Templates

This article shows how to create and apply project templates.


Project Templates are a way to make it easier to create new projects, by using a template created from an existing project. Templates can be created for different types of projects, and you can optionally apply labor assignments, financial assignment, and phases and milestones from the template.

To create or apply project templates, click the “hamburger” icon (with 3 horizontal lines) on any project’s Project Workspace, and you’ll be presented with the following dialog. Notice at the bottom, in the Actions section, there are options for Create Template and Apply Template.

(Note: See Project Workspace Overview for information on accessing the Project Workspace)


Creating a Project Template

When you click “Create Template” from the Actions section, you will be presented with the following dialog. The example below has been filled in.


When you click Create, a template will be created with all the information about the project, including attributes, labor assignments, financials, phases and milestones, and any project schedule data.

You will get the following notification:


Once the template is created, a completion notification will appear in the bottom right of your screen:

When you apply this template to another project (new or existing), you will get a choice as to which segments of data you wish to apply.

Applying a Project Template

To apply a template, go to another project’s Project Workspace (either a new or existing project), and click the “hamburger” icon. When you click “Apply Template” from the Actions section, you will be presented with the following dialog. Click the search button (magnifying glass) to search for existing templates. Note in the screenshot below, the template we just created is there.


There are several parameters used in applying a template, as seen in the above dialog.

  • Apply Values From (Specify the date that you’d the resulting project to start with when values are applied from the template. For instance, if the template project has labor and/or financial assignments and/or phase dates from the year 2019 and your new project begins 06/01/2021, then use 06/01/2021 as the start date to which to apply the assignments and phases. The resulting project will have the same assignments and phases as the template, but shifted to begin 06/01/2021.
  • Include Forecast (Check this if you’d like to apply the labor assignments from the template)
  • Include Financials (Check this if you’d like to apply the financial assignments from the template)
  • Include Phases, Milestones, & WBS (Check this if you’d like to apply the phases, milestones, and project tasks from the template)

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