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Time Tracking Basics

This article shows how to create, enter, and submit weekly timesheets.

First, here’s a short video on how to enter time:

Enter your user name and password–provided to you by the PDWare administrator–and click the Login button to log in.  Clicking Remember Me and later exiting via “X”ing out of the application will enable subsequent access without entering either user id or password.


Accessing the Timesheets Feature

Select the Actuals (Clock) Icon on the upper left menu tray in ResourceFirst.  Then select the Track option on the dropdown.


Time tracking in hours by day

Click the week on the Time Period Bar for the week you’d like to enter time for. Each week begins on a Monday. Note that the bars are color coded:

  • Grey = Not Yet Entered
  • Green = Entered but not yet submitted
  • Yellow = Submitted by not yet approved (if auto-approval is turned on, you won’t see this)
  • Blue = Submitted and Approved

In the diagram below, the week beginning Monday, 12/07/2020 has been approved, and the following week (12/14/2020) is clicked.

Creating Your weekly Timesheet

To create a timesheet for the week of 12/14/2020, click the clipboard_e30abc786b4c125f02d8cc02d6126604a.png button in the upper right, below “Response by”:


Now you are presented with a timesheet to enter hours in. Any projects you are assigned to for the period will show below. In this case, the “Alligator Fencing” project.


NOTE: If you wish the forecasted value to appear as a column for reference, your ResourceFirst administrator can add the the Forecast field to the Time view by going to Administration–>Views, choosing the Time view, and adding the field.

Copying Values from the Previous Timesheet

If you wish to copy values from the previous timesheet, simply click on the row on your new timesheet, and click the “Copy” button, as shown below:


This will copy the values for that line from the previous timesheet.

Adding Additional Rows

If you wish to enter other rows (e.g., another project, task, overhead, etc.), click the “+” dropdown in the upper left:


For each option, you will be presented with a dialog to select the items you want to add.

When you’ve added the rows you need to your timesheet, you can fill in the hours by day, or the total hours and it will distribute evenly across the week. See the example below.

Saving and Submitting Your Timesheet

Note the red carrot marks next to each cell. This mean is isn’t saved to the database yet.

Save and Submit: In the bottom right of the screen, select Save to save to the database. When you are ready to submit your timesheet, click Submit in the bottom right.

Notice these buttons in the bottom right of the screenshot below:clipboard_e185e7d853418d80998e1739e6ea8480d.png


Time tracking in Full Time Equivalent (FTE) percentages

To enter time in FTE percentages instead of hours, uncheck the “In Hours” button to the right of your screen.

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