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Project Status Reporting

This article defines the contents of a project status submission, shows how to submit project status, and describes how to view project status history.


The contents of a project status submission are

Project attributes: The contents of all fields available on the Project Data page (NOT just currently visible ones)

Project schedule dates: The current forecast dates for all phases and milestones (that have dates)

Submitter user name and the submission date.

Other project related data such as labor and non-labor forecasts are not saved in a project status submission.

Process Note: Important operational decisions are based on data provided by project managers and resource managers. The data must be fresh, credible, and current.

Status should be submitted monthly at least; more frequently depending on project duration and other factors.

The act of submitting status takes no more than a few seconds if all project attributes and values are current and correct. The user simply clicks a button and all status content is recorded in the database.

Before submitting status, update any project field values where the forecast has changed. Fields can be updated on the Project Data page or on the individual project workspace Project Info page.

The user is guaranteed access to all project fields on the Project Data page because the user has access to the Edit Views dialog. The Project Info page has only those fields that have been configured onto one of the project forms the user can select on this page.

The history of all status submissions is displayed on the project workspace Status History page (see example below).

How To

Preparing to Submit Status

Ensure that all project field values are current and correct.

Project Data page: All fields except milestone date fields can be updated on this page. Use this page if you are updating the status of multiple projects.

Project workspace Project Info page: Project fields configured by an administrator on project forms can be updated on this page including milestone date fields.

Submit Status

On the Project Data page,
Step 1: Select one or more projects (with the checkbox at the left of the row).
Step 2: Click the Baseline, Status & Scenario icon.

Step 3: Click the Submit Status menu.

A temporary submit confirmation message appears at the lower right of the page.

On the Project Info page in the Project Workspace,
Step 1: Click the Submit Status menu icon.

Step 2: Click OK on the submit status confirmation message.

Viewing Status History

Step 1: Drill down to the project’s workspace

(See the section Accessing an Individual Project Workspace in Project Workspace Overview.)

Step 2: Click the Status History tab.

Status History Page

This page displays a row for every Status and Baseline submission, initially sorted descending on As Of Date (most recent at the top).

Every Project Data field (column) except milestone date fields is available in the table.

All Project Data page views are available; views can be created and edited with the Edit View dialog.

The four columns at the left show information regarding each status submission:

Column 1 – status report number
Column 2 – baseline name (if any)
Column 3 – submitter name
Column 4 – status/baseline As Of date.

If a value in a field is different from the value in the previous submission, the value is highlighted with bold font.

Note: Phase finish dates are available on this page but milestone history is not available.

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