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Project Status Reporting

This article shows how to enter and submit a project status report, including status indicators and phase and milestone updates.

Project Status Overview

Project managers provide forecast phase and milestone completion dates and other critical project parameters on a periodic basis. Frequency of reporting is a function of project duration and type but should be monthly at most and more often if appropriate.

When a project manager submits status in ResourceFirst, ALL project fields including phase and milestone dates are saved to a status history database table.

Other project related data such as labor and non-labor forecasts are not saved in a project status submission.

Process Note: Important operational decisions are based on data provided by project managers and resource managers. The data must be fresh, credible, and current.

Submitting status is an easy task for the project manager. If no schedule forecasts or other project attributes (KPIs, etc.) have changed, it is as simple as clicking the Submit button.

But, be aware that by clicking the button, you attest that the data submitted is true and accurate at that time.

Updating Project Status

Go to the Project Info page by clicking the project name hyperlink on any project list page such as Project Data.

If your organization has defined a standard project status view, be sure it is selected in the forms drop down (1 below).

The screen shot below is an example of a project status form that has been configured. Note the Status field (currently showing Red), and the phases and milestones in the bottom section.

Enter forecast changes, if any, to project fields in this (or any other) form. Pay special attention to phase and milestone completion dates and the status value for each (started- not started-done).

At the upper right of the page there are the Print, Submit, and Save buttons (2 below).

If you want to make some changes before you are ready to formally submit status, click the Save button.

Click the Submit Status icon when you have updated all fields that have changed in value and you are ready to formally submit status.


Status History Page

This page contains a row for every status submission in ascending As Of date order (i.e. most recent last).


Every Project Data field (column) is present in the table but fields can be turned on or off using the Column drop down in the column title cell drop down.

The four columns at the left show information regarding each status submission:

Column 1 – status report number

Column 2 – baseline name (if any)

Column 3 – submitter name

Column 4 – status As Of date.

Note: Phase finish dates are available on this page but Milestone history is not available.

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