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Project Info Page

This article highlights the Project Info page, where project attributes and status can be maintained via forms.


You can view and edit current project attributes on this page using pre-defined forms created by your ResourceFirst administrators. The page defaults to the form you have used most recently, but you can select which form from the available defined forms you wish to use.


All project attribute fields in Views on the Projects > Data page can also be made available on one or more forms for the Project Info page. Values can be edited on either the view or the form(s). The only exceptions are phase and milestone dates or Events (such as issues, risks, etc.); these can be viewed and edited only in a form on the Project Info page (assuming those elements are part of the form).

Selecting Forms

Select a form from the Forms dropdown box at the upper right of the page.  In the image below, the Project Info form is currently selected.

Clicking the dropdown will allow you to select from a list of available forms.


Entering Data in a Form

Below is an example of a Project Info form. Once the appropriate data has been entered, click the Save icon in the upper right of the form to save your changes.

Showing Parents or Children

Step 1: To show the parents of a project, click the Show Parents button.


This will activate the Projects > Data page with a filter showing ALL parents of the current project. That is, if a parent has a parent, all projects up the branch of the organization tree will be visible. Below is a Project Data page showing only the parents of a project:

Step 2: Click the browser back button to return to the form.

Follow the same instructions for showing the children of a project, except click the Show Children button instead.

Saving and Submitting Status


Click the Save icon after modifying project attributes, just as you would on the Projects > Data page. The changed data is saved to the database and the changes propagate to all other pages displaying those fields.

Submit Status

If your organization requires a regular, periodic status update, or if you yourself wish to have a record of outcome forecasts throughout the project, click the Submit Status button periodically.

This executes a normal Save operation. In addition, it saves all current project attributes to a separate status database table, whether or not there were changes in this session.

See the article Project Status Reporting for more detail.

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