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Project Discussion

This article describes the Discussion page in the Project Workspace.

How To

Add a Comment

Step1: Drill down to the Project Workspace.

(On a page containing the project Name field such as Project Data or Demand, click on the project name.)

If the Discussion tab is visible, go to Step 3.

Step 2: Click the “hamburger” icon at the upper right, check Discussion and click Apply.

Step 3: Click the Discussion tab.

Step 4: Enter comment in the Add a new comment. box

Delete a Comment

Step 1: Hover anywhere in the comment to be deleted.

Step 2: Click the Delete icon at the far right of the comment.

Edit a Comment — How to save edits?

Step 1: Hover in the target comment area.

Step 2: Click the Edit icon.

Step 3: Edit the comment.

Step 4: Click the Update button.


Comment on Project Save

In the Administration area on the Server Settings page, there is an option to turn on Comment on Project Saves, which will force anyone who saves a project to comment on what they changed. If this is turned on, the comments entered will appear on the Discussions page, along with any manual comments added.


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