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Manage Time Tracking

This article shows how to use the Manage Time Tracking function to approve or reject timesheets.


The Manage Time Tracking feature allows managers to approve or reject timesheets.

Any manager with T0 rights to a resource (Timesheet manual approval rights) or T1 rights to the resource’s OBS node (Timesheet node level manual approval rights) can use this feature to approve or reject timesheets.

If a manager has T2 or T3 rights to the resource or node, respectively, then that represents “auto approval” and the timesheets will be automatically approved. In that case, the status dropdown on this page must be changed to include “Approved” projects for them to appear.

How To

Accessing Manage Time Tracking

Click the Actuals (clock) icon at the upper left of your ResourceFirst application toolbar and select “Manage”:


Approving or Rejecting Timesheets

Step 1: Once the Manage Time Tracking option is selected, you will be presented with the Manage Time Tracking screen below. Here you can set filters to determine which timesheets to view. An explanation of this screen is below the image.


The Manage Time Tracking screen consists of several layers:

    • The Time Period Bar (dark grey) – to select the week being reviewed
    • The Selector Bar (light gray) – to filter which data should appear
    • The Timesheets pane (upper tray) – which lists the timesheets awaiting approval
    • The Timesheet Detail pane (lower tray) – which shows the details for the selected timesheet

The Selector Bar appears as follows:


Left to right, the functions on the Selector Bar are:

    • Org filter (functions as a simple text search)
    • Resource filter (functions as a simple text search)
    • From/To dates to show
    • Status (this defaults to show Submitted timesheets, but you can also select Open, Approved, Rejected, Adjusted, and/or Not Created)
    • Reload – You must click this to reload the screen after making any of the above selections
    • By Hours – This defaults to Hours but you can click to toggle to show the data in FTEs (Full Time Equivalent percentages).
    • Export – to export the data

Step 2: Set your filters as desired and click the Reload button.

Step 3: Select the week you wish to view and approve. Timesheets awaiting approval will appear in the top pane, and the timesheet details will appear in the bottom pane.

Note that once you click on a timesheet in the top pane, you can click Approve or Reject below to the right.

Step 4: Approve or Reject the timesheet as needed.



Note the timesheet colors. You can only approve timesheets that are in Submitted status (Yellow). Blue timesheets are already approved.

If you reject a timesheet, the color will revert back to Green and the submitted can make changes and resubmit.

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