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Introduction to ResourceFirst Reporting

ResourceFirst reports are delivered through integrated Qlik Analytics Software.

To access Qlik reports, click on the Reporting icon on the ResourceFirst application toolbar.

You will be presented with a menu of reports to choose from.

Note: Graphs and reports can be easily customized and created using Qlik.

Typical reports available are:

Overview Performance – What’s the overall health of the portfolio?

Total Demand by Project – What is the demand for projects?

Baseline / Forecast / Actual – How do forecast and actuals compare? How do they compare with baseline?

Demand vs. Capacity – How does demand compare to capacity by period?

Budget vs. Actual Cost – How do budget amounts compare to the actual costs?

The remaining articles in this section outline example performance reports that can be implemented, and common questions asked about Qlik reporting.

PDWare offers Qlik training for customer looking to get the most out of ResourceFirst reporting through QLik.

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