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How do I manage Agile projects in ResourceFirst?

To manage Agile projects, you need three main elements:

  • Team Creation and Assignment (Allocating people to teams, and assigning teams to projects) – This is done in the Teams tab in the Resources Center. See Managing Teams for details.
  • Backlog and User Story Creation, and Sprint Assignment. This is done via the Backlog tab in the Projects Center. See Managing the Agile Backlog for details.
  • Sprint Roadmap – This is visible via the Roadmap tab in the Projects Center. See Managing the Sprint Roadmap for details.

ResourceFirst is unique in that it offers a combined Effort Forecast. When you view an effort forecast, it shows three types of assignments:

  • Resource Assignments (direct assignment of resources to projects)
  • Skill Assignments (assigned skill needs for projects — these require replacement with a named resource)
  • Team Assignments (resource assignments by virtue of their allocation to a team that’s assigned to a project)

Regardless of type, all assignments are organized by project priority, so that higher priority projects get dibs on the resources, leaving the lower priority projects with shortfall if the resources are overbooked. This is a way of ensuring that organizational resources are being applied optimally to the highest priority work.

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