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Do Resource Requests notify the Resource Manager?

Do Resource Requests Notify the Resource Manager That New Requests Are Pending?

The short answer is YES, if you’ve enabled Request notifications.

Further Explanation:

In the Forecast tab, the dark grey icons to the upper left allow for:

  • Directly adding a forecast row (by resource and project) via the + sign
  • Deleting a forecast row via the X, or…
  • Requesting resources from the resource manager (if one is not authorized to directly add or remove forecasts) via the following icon:


The three icons can be seen on the screen below, in dark grey to the left, just above the column headings:

When requesting resources, it the appropriate notifications are turned on via the Pulse Engine, resource managers can be notified that new requests are pending. In addition, resource managers should regularly check for requests (which they should be doing anyway) via the Requests tab in the Resources Center (seen in the screenshot above, to the right of the Forecasts tab.

Note that requests can also be made by project managers from the Project Scheduling tab. When a project manager adds task-level resource assignments, he or she can then request that the resource manager update the Effort Forecast as necessary. This is done via the Request Resources button, which is next to the View Histogram button on the Project Scheduler.


Here, too, notifications can be configured to alert resource managers to new requests. The View Histogram button shows where task level assignments are not covered by the effort forecast (or vice-versa).

For information on setting up notifications, please see your PDWare representative for best practices.

For more information on the resource request process, see the article Using Resource Requests.

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