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Creating a Simple Scenario

This article shows how to create a scenario. It also shows what scenario records look like on the affected pages.

Create a Scenario

1) Go to the Project Data page.

2) Select one or more projects using the checkboxes on the left.

3) Click the Baseline & Scenario icon in the upper left toolbar icon group on the page.


4) Click Create Scenario to launch the Create Scenario Dialog.


5) Enter values for the scenario attributes.

Name – A brief, meaningful name

Status – Optional scenario state if using a workflow process

Version – Optional version number

Comment – Optional description

Private – If checked, no one can see the scenario but the originator. The Owner can grant read or write access to other users.

(If Private is not checked, the scenario is public. Users can see some or all elements (or none) of the scenario depending on their node rights.)

Include Children – If checked, all child projects (sub-projects) of selected projects are included in the scenario copy.

(If not checked, only the selected projects are included.)

Include Assignments – If checked, all labor and financial assignments for the project are included with the selected projects.

(If not checked, only the projects and all their fields (attributes) are copied to the scenario versions of the source projects.)


When a project is included in a scenario,

A new (scenario) project is created with its own database project ID (PID).

All source project field values are copied into the scenario project

The source project PID is copied into the scenario project Original PID field to create a link.

When an existing assignment is included in a scenario (either as part of scenario creation or later via the “Add to to Scenario” button on the Assignments pages),

A new (scenario) assignment is created with its own database assignment ID (AID).

All source assignment field values are copied into the scenario assignment

The source assignment AID is copied into the scenario assignment Original AID field to create a link.

New Assignments CAN be created directly in scenario projects with the Add Assignment dialog on the Assignments page (simply choose the scenario project to add new assignments to).

New assignments created in a scenario project DO NOT have a value in the Original AID field, since there is no source assignment to link to.

Simple Scenario Result

With the specification in the screen shot below, you will have two scenario projects with labor and financial assignments.

Uses of the Status field will be discussed in Scenario States and Workflow.


The Project Data page displays scenario projects rows with italic font and with a gray background color.


The global assignment pages display assignments for the scenario projects with the same format,


Note that if you drill down to project detail pages from a global assignment page, ALL the assignments will be of one format or the other. This is because the project name you drill down from is either the source project or the scenario project.


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