What is “Overhead” data and where does it come from?

ResourceFirst allows Overhead items to be defined and actual time recorded against those items. This is often used for administrative items which are not actively managed with forecasts or baselines.

Overhead items allow for a resource’s full activities to be accounted for in time tracking, but those items do not show up in the project portfolio.  Examples might include Meetings, Paid Time Off, etc.

Overhead items are defined using Administrator privilege.  Select Admin > Administer Lists, then scroll to the right to Overhead List.  Select any item, right click and select Add. Enter the overhead item Name, Key (abbreviation) and “Y” in the Active field.  Right click and Save to DB.

To track actuals against an Overhead item, go into ResourceFirst time tracking for a particular period, select Add Overhead, select the overhead item desired, and click Add. The overhead item will now be available in the Overhead group for time entry.

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