ResourceFirst Release 8.0.7 – Release Notes

This article contains release notes for Interim Releases 8.0.7a and 8.07b of ResourceFirst, released March and June, 2021, respectively.


These interim releases of ResourceFirst brings many new features, including additional views features, filterable rollups, sticky filters, financial algorithm control, and more. Features and bug fixes for the cumulative interim releases are as follows:


Release 8.0.7a (March 2021) Release Notes



  • New Views for Resource, Project, Assignment, and Financial Rollups (also new view for Capacity and Utilization)
    • New UI in Admin–>Views to create views
    • Views in rollup allow for customization, Partition sharing, editing name, and deletion
  • You can now filter grid views on just the recent changes (new or changed rows) via the Filters icon.
  • Field Filters in the Global “Get Data” Dialog now have dropdowns, with type-ahead on values. These settings are sticky.
  • On grid views, you can now make any field a list type filter in column headings, even if there’s no list defined. It will include the fields in the column as the list.
  • Rollup columns are filterable (filter is determined by the column filter type)
    • Rollup filter is bottom-up (if a child has the filter condition, the whole tree is visible)
  • New Summary rows in rollup reports
    • Summary rows support color analysis
    • Numbers change based on the value type selection, the filter applied, and node expanded (there is no double counting)
  • Sticky Filters on Project, Resource, Assignment, and Financial pages
    • When you apply a filter, it will be remembered by the user setting and will be applied every time the user goes back to that page (even after logout/login)
  • New assignments are visible after create, even when there is a filter
    • If the user applies a new filter, or switches pages, the filter will be reapplied
    • This works for resource, skill, and financial assignments in all pages (global and details)
  • Filters reapply after you switch the value type in assignment pages (it used to scroll all the way up and remove filters)
  • Import assignments now gives a summary of errors and then more detail by line. You can also export the error message.
  • Imports now show a progress bar, indicating that the import is processing.
  • Assignment ID now supports a six digit number.
  • Baseline dialog will warn if there are no assignments for the baselined project within the current Get Data filters
  • Administrators can now see and delete baselines.
  • A new column, Baseline Type, can be set up in Admin–>Lists and can be assigned when creating a baseline and used in reports. A Baseline Type can be set to active or not to indicate whether it should appear in drop-downs.
  • Users with Rate2 right level will have access to a new Edit Rates page to enter custom rates in the defined matrix.
    • The UI requires applying a filter before loading rates.
    • Using the Edit Rates option, unlike the full Administrator rates option, the user cannot add new or remove existing rates, only add a custom override rate for the existing ones (i.e., a “user rate”).
    • Users can multi-select rates and copy the system rate to the user rate.
  • A new options setting allows deciding which cost rate to use (system or user)
  • A new setting in admin can enable dynamic/real-time labor financial rows generation. The setting is only accessible when the cost rate OBS is set to “resource” (via the license key setting).  When enabled, the financial labor rows will auto-calculate every time a financial page is activated. The “Post Labor Cost” button is no longer needed.
    • This setting leverages a new algorithm that has been added to Admin–>Server Settings to generate rolled-up labor financial assignments.
      • The rollup will automatically convert between period granularity
      • Since the values are coming from the FTE assignments, the date ranges must overlap. For periods outside the labor date range, there won’t be any values.
    • With automatic labor rate updating, when on the Assignments page, you can now switch to Financials before saving to see the financial impact.
  • Scenario charts now support negative numbers.
  • Excluding/including scenarios now automatically updates the what-if scenario page and its chart, if it is the active page. This is true for the FTE and Financial What-If Scenario pages.
  • Scenarios can now be shared with designated co-owners.
  • The Scenarios dialog has been updated to allow each scenario to be set to “Load” and/or “Show.” The ability to keep a scenario loaded even when not shown improves performance if the scenario will be used frequently. You can sort by columns to show loaded ones first. You can also filter on columns.
  • Individual assignments can now be locked. There is a new set of Assignment Lock columns that can be added, including the lock indicator and the audit trail of who last locked it and when.
    • These fields are also available on scenario assignments.
    • You cannot post or import scenario rows to locked assignment lines.
    • You CAN update a scenario version of a locked assignment, provided the scenario version isn’t also locked.
  • OBS Admin settings now have audit fields for the OBS node lock settings that show who locked it and when.
  • Local time is now recognized. Modified times (project, assignment, etc.) now uses local time, pulled from the browser.



  • Rates – order of operations fixed to use resources before skill
  • Skill rates were zeroing, not nulling. This is fixed.
  • Date/Time in rate matrix fixed
  • Scenario Checkbox now defaults to include forecast
  • Financial Assignments now recalculate on User/System rate switch
  •  Added date and node filters on Admin rate edit
  • Financial Export negative numbers formatting corrected if switching or editing view before export
  • Financials page reload fixed
  • PostEdit on Assignment Lock fixed
  • Unloading only scenarios now unloads them correctly.
  • Users default to use system labor rates vs user-rate overrides
  • Initiation Forms no longer show in Project area
  • HTML box now saves data on forms
  • HTML box now has a label
  • Issues form fixed to include “Assigned to”
  • Changed the text that showed “Filter on Changes” to “Filter on Unsaved Changes”
  • Now have the Clear Filters for the rollup screens, otherwise user had to manually clear each one.
  • Rates from matrix now convert correctly between granularity when in month rate mode


Release 8.0.7b (June 2021) Release Notes



  • Users can now open a link in a new tab by right-clicking and selecting “Open link in new tab”. Note: Filter changes made on one tab will reflect on other tabs if they are refreshed.
  • A new Projects menu option allows seeing Events by type (e.g., risk, issue, change request, etc.) across multiple projects.
  • Users can now see all events assigned to them by type on their home screen.
  • The Events tab in the Project-specific detail page has a new UI, separating events by type.
  • Admins can now define what right level is needed to submit project status.
  • Proficiencies can now be configured via a List in Administration.
  • Teams or individual team members can be made inactive.
  • A minimum Node Level can now be set for financial assignments, separately from setting the minimum level for labor assignments. Both are done in Server Settings.
  • Phase & Milestone information can now be pulled from the web API for a project.
  • Column totals are now available on the resource capacity page.
  • Users can now sort on score in the PMO Ranking page.
  • The column heading option on the Assignment pages is now sticky between sessions and page refreshes.
  • Managers can now view scenario rollups by skill.



  • Timesheet Compliance drill-down in the pie chart no longer dead-ends if there is more than one sub-node.
  • The default SUM formula syntax for project ranking has been corrected (in AdminàRanking)
  • When editing views on the Financial Assignments page, if you remove Financial Category, you will now be able to add it back. Before, it didn’t appear as an available field.
  • When doing a reload on the Financial Assignments page, calculated labor rows now show consistently. Before, they intermittently did not show.
  • “Group by” column options have been removed, since this function is part of the rollup reports now.
  • The Project Schedule Gantt that optionally appears over Labor/Financial Assignments now lines up with dates properly.
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