Project Distribution

This article explains how to set up distribution rules for allocating/distributing project costs to selected category fields for reporting purposes.



ResourceFirst allows for effort and cost data to be allocated/distributed by percentage across a variety of fields (e.g., platform, category, sponsor, etc.) for reporting purposes. This distribution can also have a start and end date.

To add or modify distribution rules, go to the Distribution page on the project workspace of the desired project. You’ll be presented with the following page.

On the upper left of the Distribution page, you can click the dropdown to select which of the five field lists you’d like to use for your distribution rule (as depicted below).


The available field lists are as follows:

  •  Sponsor (the project sponsor, defined in Administration under Lists->Sponsors)
  •  State (the project’s lifecycle state, such as Initiated, Funded, Active, Canceled, etc. as defined in Administration under Lists->State)
  •  Platform (sometimes called Domain, this is fully configurable in Administration under Lists, and can represent whatever categorization you choose)
  •  Category (this is another list field that can represent whatever you define in Administration under Lists->Category)
  •  Business Driver (a list field that can represent whatever you define as business drivers for your projects, e.g., growth, maintenance, etc., as defined in Administration under Lists->Business Driver)

Once you select the field list, you can then click the “+” sign to add a distribution row. You’ll then be able to click the dropdown on the newly added row to select which item you’d like to add a percentage (with optional start/end date) for. Then repeat for the other items in that field list. Percentages should be entered as decimals (e.g., .40 for 40%). They will then appear as percentages once entered.

Note: In the screenshot below, the “Platform” field list was chosen in the upper left, so on the distribution row, you can select from the list of platforms (as configured in Administration) to add a distribution rule (i.e., percentage and optional start/end date).

Be sure to save your changes via the SAVE button on the upper right.


On the upper left, there are icons for:

  • Import Distribution from Project (allows for copying the distribution from another project that uses the same chosen field list for distribution)
  • Save (saves your changes)
  • Export (exports to a CSV file)

Note that the percentages defined are stored in the ResourceFirst database, but are not used in any standard views or reports. However, custom QlikView reports can be configured or developed to make use of these distribution percentages. For more on this, see your ResourceFirst administrator or contact responsible for report generation.

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