PMO Area Overview

This article serves as an introduction to the PMO/Portfolio Management area of ResourceFirst.


The PMO / Portfolio Management Area provides pages with views, reports, and features useful for portfolio planning.

The pages in the PMO Area include:

Scorecard – a high level view of all the projects and their KPI scores

Strategy – the ability to align projects with strategy and view a strategy execution dashboard (which shows summarized project KPIs for each strategy)

Ranking – The ability to adjust weighting of scoring criteria and run scenarios with alternate weighting.

Demand – What-If Priority – A high level summary of project demand, along with the ability to see the demand impact if the project priority were shifted.

Roadmap – a Gantt roadmap/timeline of the project portfolio, with the option to view project phases, milestones, and more.

Swimlanes – the ability to view the project roadmap by any category

Project Rollup – a hierarchical project rollup report by any combination of project attributes or categories.

Resource Rollup – a hierarchical resource rollup report by any combination of resource attributes or categories.

Assignment Rollup – a hierarchical assignment rollup report by any combination of resource assignment attributes or categories.

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