Personal Profile Options

This article explore personal profile options such as resetting your password, temporarily delegating your rights to someone else, seeing and deleting your custom views, and more.



Users have various functions they can perform by clicking on their user profile in the upper right of their ResourceFirst Screen. As depicted in the image below, this includes:

  • Uploading your profile image
  • Resetting your password
  • Seeing or deleting your Personal View (i.e., views that you’ve created)
  • Seeing or deleting your Partition Views (i.e., views that you’ve shared with others in your partition)
  • Delegating your rights (the ability to temporarily delegate your rights to someone else during a defined period of time). See the dialog box in the image below, which pops up if you click the + sign under Delegates. Delegating rights automatically gives the designated person your rights for period of time stated (in addition to their current rights), and then the person’s rights automatically revert back to their normal rights. Note that no notifications are sent to the delegate upon delegation or upon the end of the time period.


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