Administering Default Node Views

This article shows how to set alternate default node views.



There are two types of views that defaults can be set for:

·       The initial screen shown for a user upon login (Favorite)

·       The default Timesheet View for a node


Initial Screen for User Upon Login (Favorite)

In ResourceFirst, the default view for users upon login is their Home Screen.  Users can also click the “star” icon (Favorite) to make any screen their current favorite, meaning it’ll display first when they log in.


Default Time(sheet) View for a Node

When a user (linked to his/her resource instance) uses Track Actuals, there is a default view that he/she sees, based on the Resource OBS node of that resource.  This default for the node is set by the Administrator. It is possible to set an alternate default view for a specific Resource OBS node. To do this, select Administration->Node Views:


A scrollable screen is shown, showing the current default views that a user/resource in each Resource OBS node will see in Track Actuals.


The Administrator can change the default view for each node by selecting the dropdown menu in a given View cell and choosing an alternate View. Don’t forget to press the Save icon in the upper right to save your changes.

The details of each Timesheet View can be seen by selecting that view in the Administration->Views->Time(sheet) list:


An example usage of different Time(sheet) views for different organizations would be having some organizations see Forecast info and others not seeing it.

Note: Blanking out a View for a particular node will suppress the Time Tracking (Actuals) icon for users in that OBS node (unless they are managers). 

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